The second largest airport in the country has not only expanded the profile of its activities, successfully attracted the segment of business passengers and announced about the increased choice of holiday destinations but has also demonstrated rapid growth: the one-millionth passenger has been serviced here today.

Early in the morning the one-millionth passenger served at the airport flew to Warsaw. Before the flight of “LOT Polish Airlines” Karolis Matulaitis, Director of Kaunas Airport, congratulated this passenger.

“This figure summarises the significant work of our airport throughout the whole year. We are delighted to commemorate this event during the flight of “LOT Polish Airlines” because it is the company which has helped us to open a new page in the history of our airport and provide our passengers with more options for convenient travelling. Our cooperation has contributed to introducing new volumes to travellers who request business flights. The services have received positive feedback and we feel to have met expectations. We hope that in the near future the airline will expand its activities by also increasing frequency of flights,” said K. Matulaitis.

The representatives of “LOT Polish Airlines” have been delighted with the one-millionth passenger. “We are extremely pleased that this passenger is flying with us. Lithuania has become highly significant for our company in Central and Eastern Europe, whereas Kaunas has been one of the three main towns next to Vilnius and Palanga. I am sure that passengers will increasingly value your beautiful country and it will become one of the most popular routes in our expanding network,” said Rafal Milczarski, Director General of “LOT Polish Airlines”. “We are proud to celebrate the 90th anniversary of LOT in January and are pleased that you will be with us at that time,” added R. Milczarski.

According to K. Matulaitis, the season of aviation summer was the most successful period for Kaunas Airport. It is estimated that starting with June the airport served more than 90 thousand passengers each month for five consecutive months. Significant flows of passengers were also recorded during other months of this year.

In fact, the total number of the served passengers is slightly lower compared to 2017 when the airport served 1.186 million passengers. Due to the runway reconstruction at Vilnius Airport last year, Kaunas Airport became the main airport of the country. This year the airport has succeeded in getting the one-millionth passenger on its own.

“Since the beginning of this year, the numbers of passengers flying with airlines operating at Kaunas Airport have continued growing. We have been observing promising indicators but managing to serve the one-millionth passenger has exceeded our expectations and we can state that we have reached the record. We are pleased to have successfully achieved the target of this year and to have planned and used available resources properly. The airport has proved to be ready to serve significant flows of travellers,” states K. Matulaitis and adds that almost 10 thousand flights have been serviced at Kaunas Airport this year.

Kaunas Airport is meeting the coming year with good news as well: in 2019 charter flights to holiday destinations will be launched from Kaunas because the tour operator “Itaka” is starting its activities at this airport. The geography of available directions will expand even more: passengers will be invited to fly to the Greek island Zakynthos, the cities of Varna or Antalya. The travellers from Kaunas Airport have been offered 25 different directions in 2018, including 8 new ones to Burgas, Rimini, Girona, Warsaw, Bologna, Milan, Tel Aviv, and Turku.

“Kaunas Airport also has plans to retain its rapid growth rate in 2019 and become the most promising growing airport in Lithuania. The one-millionth passenger is expected to arrive at the airport 2-3 months earlier compared to this year and we hope to increase the total flow of passengers by approximately 15 percent. This is significant growth, taking into consideration that the rate of economic growth is foreseen to be several times lower,” states K. Matulaitis, Director of Kaunas Airport.  

About Kaunas Airport

Kaunas Airport belongs to the Lithuanian airport network that operates three airports in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga. During 2017, they serviced 5.2 million passengers and 55 thousand flights. During the winter season, 15 airlines organize direct flights in 65 regular directions to 56 cities in 26 countries. Based on the data of the Airports Council International (ACI Europe), Lithuanian Airports contribute to the Lithuania’s GDP by 2.5 percent.