Information about Kaunas

Welcome to Kaunas!

Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania. It is situated in the centre of Lithuania, at the meeting point of the country's two biggest rivers: the Nemunas and the Neris. The city is unique in terms of its history, geographical position and landscape. It is the grand center of science, sports, industry and culture. Kaunas is full of significant architectural and historical monuments and boasts a small but pretty old town, the longest pedestrian street (Laisves (Liberty) avenue) in the Eastern Europe and Lithuania's only funiculars railway. See panoramic views of Kaunas.

Sports fan?
Kaunas is recognized as a sports capital in the country. Basketball is synonymous with Kaunas, because we held the very first official basketball game in 1922 and we are home for worldwide known basketball team – BC Zalgiris. Moreover, The European Basketball Championship of 2011, universally referred to as EuroBasket 2011 was hosted by Lithuania. This was the 37th regional championship held by FIBA Europe, the second time Lithuania had hosted Eurobasket, and the first since the restoration of its independence in 1991.

Nemunas River
Photo: Nemunas River

Lithuanian nature
Photo: Lithuanian nature


If you are an adventurous person and like extreme entertainment, adventure park LOKES PEDA located about 30 km from Kaunas, will fulfil your craving for active leisure. Monkey bridges, moving logs, Tibetan bridges, nettings, swings, Nepalese bridges, stirrups, pirate ladders, Tarzan leap, Tyrolese fly, and much more awaits!. Go on the ultimate adventure with your family, colleagues or friends in pure action at LOKES PEDA.

Kaunas is also home to an aviation base, so why not explore Kaunas from the sky? You can order flights and parachute jumps from Kaunas Aeroclub.

When in Kaunas you can not miss yet another adventure in Kaunas - to ride the two Kaunas funiculars of Zaliakalnis and Aleksotas. They are the oldest funiculars in Lithuania and the oldest in Europe. Even today the Aleksotas funicular links the old part of the city with the slopes of Aleksotas hill, offering a marvellous panoramic view of the city, the Zaliakalnis funicular provides an easy way of reaching the Resurrection Church from the city centre.

For families with children

Kaunas Zoo is the only Zoo in Lithuania. Here they can ride a pony or even a donkey, or how about a ride in a horse drawn carriage? Also, the zoo is home to tame lamas that children are allowed to pet.

Another very interesting museum that is worth visiting with kids - the Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum - a unique stuffed-animal museum which houses thousands of stuffed and preserved animals, skeletons, furs, skins, and other interesting displays.
Kaunas is famous of its theatres, especially the Kaunas State Puppet Theatre.

Kaunas at night

Lovers of nightlife will enjoy Kaunas's nightclubscafes, bars and casinos. Nightlife lovers will enjoy Kaunas's Olympic casino, offering a wide range of entertainment from karaoke, to the best local and foreign DJs; shows and live basketball games, broadcasted on the big screens. In the summer time the terraces of the city's cafés, provide the perfect setting for tasting various dishes of national or international cuisine.

Stylish and exciting Ginger bar at Park Inn hotel  is the place to meet friends for a drink in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Kaunas is a city of students - 9 Universities are based in Kaunas, so one may be sure to find the city buzz once here.

Shopping fan?

Shopping lovers should visit the cozy crafts shops in the Old Town for Lithuanian souvenirs or enjoy the mix of modern and traditional shops on Laisvės (Liberty) avenue. After or during the shopping tour, visitors can take a break in one of the cafes, snack bars or restaurants. In fine weather, they can also sit outside because the Liberty avenue is a leafy pedestrian zone.

You may also want to try out the modern shopping centers. Kaunas has three major shopping malls: Kaunas AKROPOLIS, Mega and Molas. The Kaunas AKROPOLIS is located in a 4-storey building; it features 253 operators - retailers, restaurants and cafés, entertainment providers. The shopping centre also comes with an ice skating arena surrounded by a food court, a bowling alley and a cinema. At shopping center Molas you'll find convenient shopping, good food, and great bowling alleys all under one roof.

The retail, entertainment and leisure centre Mega invites you to spend time with family, friend or business partners.

Kaunas Mega AquariumPhoto: Kaunas Mega Aquarium

This is the he first regional shopping and leisure centre in Lithuania. Shopping area includes more than 110 shops, leisure and entertainment area includes restaurants, cinema, bowling and other entertainments. The shopping centre has the biggest aquarium in Europe shopping centers, with 170,000 liters of water. It is 10 m high, 4 m wide, 11 m long and has 800 exotic fishes, including 6 sharks. Most shops accept major credit cards.

More information on bowling alleys you can find in the Kaunas Tourism Information Center site.

Kaunas Akropolis Shopping MallPhoto: Kaunas Akropolis Shopping Mall

Interested in culture and history?

You can experience the real taste of Kaunas strolling through the cobbled streets separating the beautiful 16th century buildings scattered along Vilnius street  and around Town Hall square, by following in the footsteps of ancient pagans in one of our many parks.

Kaunas has plenty for everybody to see and experience. The macabre collection of nearly 3,000 devils at the Devils' Museum, Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis National Art Museum collects, keeps, investigates and popularizes M. K. Ciurlionis' (1875-1911) creative works, cultural heritage of Lithuania and the world. M. K. Ciurlionis National Art Museum  exhibitions show the unique artistic styles of composer and painter M.K. Ciurlionis, as well as J. Maciunas originator of the avant-garde Fluxus art movement.

Near the confluence of Lithuania's two largest rivers the Nemunas and the Neris a brick Kaunas Castle is set. It was built in the 13th century and was the country's first defensive bastion and the only double-walled castle in Lithuania. Now the Kaunas Region Tourism Information Center is situated in the round tower of the castle. 

The Town Hall and the impressive Thunder House are worth visiting.

The circle of Nine Forts, constructed at the times of the Russian Empire, surrounds Kaunas. Today The Ninth Fort hosts the commemoration museum for Second World War deaths is an exhibition, reflecting the Jewish genocide during the Second World War. During the same War the Japanese Consul Sempo (Chiyune) Sugihara lived in Kaunas 1939-1940. Transit visas, which he issued contrary to the wishes of the Japanese government, saved the lives of thousands of Lithuanian, Polish, and even German Jews. Today the house where the Japanese consulate was located and Sugihara lived with his family is named Sugihara House. Soon a museum inside the house will be quickly realized, and the Sugihara house will become a popular place for scholars of Lithuania, Japan, and other countries, for scholars, for tourists, for young people and children.

The Pazaislis monastery and church form the largest monastery complex in Lithuania, and the most magnificent example of Italian baroque architecture in the country. It is situated on a peninsula in the Kaunas Lagoon near Kaunas Yacht Club. Italian architects built the church and monastery, whereas sculptors from Lombardy took care of the frescos and plaster casts.

Kaunas Liberty avenue
Photo: Kaunas Liberty avenue

Kaunas Castle
Photo: Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Old Town
Photo: Kaunas Old Town

The Pazaislis monastery and church
Photo: The Pazaislis monastery and church

If you wish to see the entire Lithuania at one place, you should visit the open air museum in Rumsiskes. Its collection of authentic wooden villages represents each of the four regions of old Lithuania existing to date: Zemaitija, Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Suvalkija.

We invite you to enjoy our traditional Lithuanian country - side tourism sites and try the Lithuanian food - the fried bread sticks with cheese together with pint of local light, dark or a "live" honey beer. Don't forget to try traditional cold refreshing red beetroot soup. 

Music lover?

All year round there is an opportunity to attend small and large festivals, celebrations or cultural events like Kaunas Jazzthe Pazaislis Music Festival; Operetta in the Kaunas Castle; Hansa Kaunas, Bike Show Millennium and the Kaunas City Days and very popular annual Bike Show Millenium. Check out all annual events in Kaunas

SPA time!

The most popular and the biggest SPA center in Kaunas is
SAULEJA. Sauleja invites you to join them for a time of rejuvenation and relaxation. If you are looking for a stress-free place to lose pounds and inches, or just relax and be pampered you should definitely visit High Care Kaunas wellness center. Both are located in the city center.