Fresh Transit Center

FTC Kaunas is one-stop shop for local and international buyers and traders. Every process at the FTC Kaunas has been streamlined to enhance value and make sure that goods are always fresh, delivered quickly and at a competitive cost.

Geographical location and well developed road transport sector in Lithuania with good knowledge of Eeastern markets creates opportunity for ambitious plans to expand Europe's wide recognized logistics services with the North East Europe. FTC Kaunas became the integrated part of regional multimodal platform to ensure efficient and cost effective supply chain by having all infrastructure in place:

  FTC Kaunas
  • 24/7 Kaunas Airport operation without night flight limitations;
  • no runway limitations;
  • neighborhood with investor-friendly and Tax incentives at the Kaunas Free Economic Zone;
  • excellent connections to the main motorway lines in the region;
  • temperature controlled warehouse to accommodate transshipments of perishable cargo.

Lithuanian experience in trucking and wide recognition of the transportation expertise opened the gate for Lithuanian hauliers to become the leaders in delivering the road cargo to Russian market. Currently over 20.000 heavy transport units driving on the road with Europe to service international markets and to ensure supply chain efficiency.

FTC Kaunas
Tel/fax.: +370 37 345145
Mobile.:  +370 694 44444 
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