Consumer Rights

If your flight was delayed or cancelled, if your organized travel conditions were not as promised by the organizer, if the good, bought abroad got broken – you have the rights which must be respected by the traders.

For more information please read:
Air Passenger rights. If your flight is delayed for more than two hours or cancelled, the airline must offer free meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation when necessary and communication facilities, compensation. More you can read here.

Tourism. The travel conditions must be the same as indicated in the contract. In other case, you can ask for additional services or compensation. More you can read here.

Buying in the EU. If you bought a faulty good in the EU, the help is closer then you think. More you can read here.

Shopping and services in Lithuania and Ireland. Booklet on shopping in Lithuania and Ireland (pdf).

Information about alternative dispute resolution in Lithuania. More you can read here.

More information about consumer rights in Lithuania (pdf).

Information about the European Consumer Centre in Lithuania (pdf).