Cargo Handling

JSC APCargo owns warehouses of 5500 square meters and provides cargo handling services at Kaunas Airport:

  • load and unload aircrafts, no mater if cargo is palletized or not;
  • sort cargo in the warehouse;
  • prepare cargo for inspection procedures such as customs clearance;
  • arrange cargo documentation;
  • load cargo to other means of transportation;
  • warehouse cargo;
  • organize cargo transfer on ground in Lithuania as well as in Europe.

APCargo is well equipped to load and unload all types of aircrafts regardless to the size and condition of cargo. The operating properties of Windhoff Cargo Loader CML 25-5.6 perfectly meet the demands of cargo handling and form a high capacity link in a system of cargo handling at the airport.

Tel. +370 37 399 091
Fax +370 37 399 214