Bus to/from Kaunas

CITY BUS NO. 29, 29E

City bus No. 29 connects Kaunas Airport and Kaunas city.

City bus line route going from City Center: M.K.Čiurlionio str. (Kaunas Train Station) – Vytauto ave. (Kaunas Bus Station) – Kęstučio ave. – Vilniaus ave. – Savanorių ave. – Kaunas Airport.

City bus line route going to City Center: Kaunas Airport – Savanorių ave. – E. Ožeškienės ave. – K. Donelaičio ave.– Vytauto ave. (Kaunas Bus Station) – M.K.Čiurlionio str. (Kaunas Train Station).

If you arrive to Kaunas on a late night flight, City bus No. 29E is for your convenience. Every day the bus leaves the Airport  for the city centre only after the last flight has arrived.

Passengers may pay for the tickets on the buses No. 29, the route of which connects Kaunas Airport with Kaunas city, in litas or euros. The price of a single-use ticket is 1 euro.

You can check the bus route and exact timetables at: www.kvt.lt


Payments in Kaunas City Public transport are based on an eletronic contactless card (CARD) ticketing system. CARD may be loaded with a specified amount of money in the wallet or/ and a certain type of periodic (3, 7, 30, and 92 days) e-tickets. You can use CARD in buses marked by the KVT sign. You need to validate your CARD when boarding the vehicle.



  • Single -trip
  • Periodic (3, 7, 30, or 92 days)


TIP! At the Airport bus e-tickets can be purchased at the convenience store Narvesen located in the Arrivals of the passenger terminal. Please inform the seller which type of e -ticket you would like to load on your CARD. If you decided to use single e-tickets, then inform the seller which amount of money you would like to load in the wallet.

Local currency Litas and bank cards are accepted for payment. If you do not have any money in Litas, you can exchange your money at a currency exhance office of Medicinos bankas at the Arrivals. Working hours are coordinated with the flight schedule.


The most necessary information about Kaunas City public transport is available at Kaunas public transport website www.kvt.lt, routes and timetables can be found at www.marsrutai.info/kaunas
If you have additional questions, feel free to send an e-mail at  kvt@kaunas.lt