Lithuanian Airports, the company that manages Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga Airports, is launching an international lease tender to attract a new retail convenience store operator. The selected partner will operate convenience stores at all three of the country’s airports.

Lithuanian Airports served more than 6 million passengers in 2023, which is 12% more than in 2022. The number of flights also increased during the past year, with an annual growth of 4.5%. With 4.4 million passengers served, Vilnius Airport attracted the biggest number of travellers last year. Kaunas Airport served a record-breaking 1.3 million passengers, while Palanga Airport welcomed 307 thousand travellers.

Currently, strategic infrastructure development projects are underway at both Vilnius and Kaunas Airports: a new departure terminal is being built in Vilnius; while the reconstruction and expansion of the passenger terminal has started and the Northern apron is being enlarged in Kaunas.  

By 2025, it is projected that Lithuania's airports will complete their infrastructure expansion stage, allowing them to handle a total capacity of 10 million passengers annually.

High potential for commercial partners

The large-scale growth of Vilnius and Kaunas Airports will also open up more commercial potential for partners and service providers.

According to Gintarė Norvilaitė-Tautevičė, Head of the Commercial Department at Lithuanian Airports, the company will be paying a lot of attention to the search for strong and reliable partners, as it will soon be serving twice as many passengers as it does today.

"We are getting ready now – the first lease tender will specifically focus on the retail convenience category. This sector is very important for airports, as it helps to ensure fast shopping before flights, the number of which is growing every year at our airports," said Gintarė Norvilaitė-Tautevičė.

The plan is to lease about 515 sq. m of retail space to the operator, for three stores in Vilnius, two stores in Kaunas and one store in Palanga Airport. In Vilnius, the stores will be located in the new departure terminal, as well as in the current arrivals terminal and in the area of the current departure terminal behind the security checkpoint. One store at Kaunas Airport will be located on the first floor, next to the arrivals hall, while the other one will be on the second floor, beyond the security area. The store at Palanga Airport will be located next to the security checkpoint.

One of the main conditions of the lease tender is to provide a standard range of fast and convenient shopping experiences in these new shops to meet the essential needs of passengers. It will be necessary to offer an appropriate range of products, such as coffee, hot and cold snacks, souvenirs, a variety of travel essentials, magazines, small travel electronics, etc. Shelves to provide medical and hygiene products are also included.

 The announcement of the tender winner is planned for June 2024. Initially, the lease will span 7 years, with the possibility of extending it for an additional period.

More information on the terms and conditions of this tender and other tenders announced by Lithuanian Airports can be found at

Future tenders at Lithuanian Airports: what’s next?

Lithuanian Airports are currently undergoing expansion to enhance their capacity and elevate the quality of services offered to passengers.

 "In tandem with these efforts, we are actively seeking commercial partners to collaborate with us in shaping the future travel experience. As we implement significant changes within our terminals, it is imperative to establish partnerships that will maximize value for our passengers in the years to come," stated Gintarė Norvilaitė-Tautevičė.

In 2024, a total of four international tenders are scheduled. The first, for convenience retail, has already been initiated, while another is dedicated to selecting a Duty-Free operator. Additionally, two tenders are planned for the food and beverage sector, reflecting our commitment to providing diverse and high-quality amenities for travelers.

Last updated: 2024 03 04 14:10